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We love success stories and understand that your website needs hits, views and clicks! Our marketing department has built a strong reputation for working with companies from the embryonic stage to achieving over £1m in sales per annum.

We’ll handle your eMarketing and make sure your message reaches the right people at the right time.

With us your brand is in safe hands – the world of marketing is instant and we’ll make sure it’s always your voice that’s heard. Our full range of marketing services will help boost your sales and brand awareness.

Your marketing is crucial to your online shop and we know it needs to be right – so give us a call to have a chat about your specific needs.

Search Engine Optimisation

People need to find you!

The best website in the world still needs to be discovered by people. Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is about making sure you’re visible.  We’ve years of experience in the ever-changing world of SEO and will formulate an effective search marketing strategy for you. We’ll propel your website up the search engine rankings, driving potential buyers to your website.

All data can be tracked and analysed, so we can give you an insight into how you’re performing – and continually refine the process on a monthly basis.

We know how important visibility and transparency are and we’ll make sure you always know the score.

Search Engine Optimisation

Pay per click

Pay per click is about finding pro-active customers. Ones that are already thinking of buying a product like yours. Our advanced pay per click campaigns target the right people at the right time. We can continually develop your own personalised campaign to attract more and more buyers and achieve your maximum sales potential.

Our Pay Per Click programmes cover all the big players including Google Adwords, Bing, Facebook, YouTube, Twitter and other popular sources.

Pay per click

Social media

Find you voice.

Social media allows you to instantly engage with your audience – building your own distinctive voice, raising you brand profile and encouraging sales.  Social marketing is unique to you, and the more content you produce the better, but in the real world we understand you might not always have the time. That’s why we can assist in developing social media campaigns.

We can produce some or all of your social media content – guided by you we’ll interact with your customers and search out new possibilities and leads using social platforms – so you can get on with running the business.

We can provide everything including strategy, integration, tracking and design media.

Social media

Press & PR

Shout about yourself!

It’s sometimes a hard thing to do – talk about your successes – but a carefully pitched PR campaign can get you some serious recognition, resulting in more sales. We can manage your very own personalised PR campaigns by releasing timely and fine-tuned press releases to target your local and national press.

We’ll create a buzz around you and your products, which will strengthen your brand and further benefit your search engine credibility.

Our copywriters can deliver well written search-optimised content and release it to managed distribution lists, press contacts and online channels at the right time.

Press & PR

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