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Magento Community Edition 1.9.2 Released

Posted on the 17th July 2015

Magento Community Edition version 1.9.2 has just been released and is available to download at no charge from the Magento website. This latest update includes a range of fixes and security improvements.

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MagentoLive a Big Hit in London

Posted on the 12th July 2015

June saw the arrival of the MagentoLive UK conference in London. This event attracted merchants, designers, developers and systems integrators who came together for two days to talk about the latest eCommerce trends and the development of Magento.

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eBay Releases Security Update for Magento

Posted on the 7th July 2015

Last week eBay released a major security update for the Magento eCommerce platform. Store owners are advised to download and install the update as soon as possible, since it patches three security vulnerabilities.

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Free Google AdWords Vouchers for new Google accounts

Posted on the 25th June 2015

Want to pick up a few new customers? Or launch a new product? Or start a new campaign?

Make sure you get three things right:

1. Your Traffic Analytics, Google Analytics is always a safe bet with some live analytics on top.

2. Your AdWords Campaigns, get the keywords right, group them into Ad-groups, make every group as specific as possible (the more words in a keyword search the better… and cheaper!)

3. Your Remarketing Tags, you’re paying for this traffic, don’t let them leave without being able to offer them something tomorrow.

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The latest on PCI Compliance … make it easier on yourself

Posted on the 24th June 2015

Do you know what level SAQ you need to pass to be PCI Compliant with the payment methods you currently accept on your eCommerce site? No? Don’t worry, you’re not alone.

Most payment gateways and merchant accounts can’t give you any specific advice, either. It’s a cloudy subject and no one wants to accept the liability for the wrong answer.

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Make the most out of your Enterprise Growth Voucher

Posted on the 9th March 2015

The UK Government recently awarded small businesses with up to £2,000 in matched funding to help grow their business (Do you qualify? There’s still plenty left), giving them a £4000 budget to spend on advice, consultancy and assistance growing their business in various categories, including:
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The latest at Radweb

Posted on the 6th October 2014

Well what a year it’s been so far. It’s only when I stopped to think about where we’ve been and where we’re going as a company that I’ve realised how amazing the last few months have been. Our new look website has been a labour of love here in the office and we’re so proud of the way it works and looks today. Feel free to have a look around – and if you’re looking for an eCommerce site of your own make sure you check out our Portfolio.

Looking at what we’ve achieved has been fun but I’m more concerned now about the exciting things we’ve got coming up…

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Reliable Magento Hosting

Posted on the 19th August 2013

If you are running an online business, it is crucial that you have a good website for your customers to see and check the services and products that you offer.  Your website must look good to attract customers, must be easy to navigate and intuitive to use and buy from.
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Celebrating InventoryBase’s first birthday with over 1000 users

Posted on the 4th June 2013

It’s been just over a year since InventoryBase opened its doors as a mass market product for property inventory clerks and letting agents. In that time InventoryBase has become adopted as an end-to-end management platform for scheduling, managing and producing property inventories in the cloud, responsible for 5000+ property inspection reports to date.
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Radweb sponsor The Africa Trust via AquAid

Posted on the 26th February 2013

At Radweb we are fully aware of the benefits of drinking water and the positive effect it has on our staff (Anyone who’s been to our office and used the toilets would have noticed our Dehydration Guide!). For this reason we have invested in water coolers from AquAid.
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